“A lasting ode to the Sinclair history;
A religious conversion, a declaration of lunacy.
The Wizard of all Wizards, from Judaism to Christ,
Professor Charles Sinclair, the Vaudeville zeitgeist.
What’s in a name, what’s in a creed?
It’s in the conjuror’s nature to make you believe.”


“I felt compelled this season to express something more autobiographical in my work so with my Grandfather’s help, I researched our Sinclair ancestry. I found that my Great x 4 Grandfather had been a ‘wizard’ or an illusionist/conjuror in the 1800’s, and had been successful enough at that time to be famous. We also found he’d changed his name from his Jewish father’s surname ‘Isaacs’ to ‘Sinclair’ after his father had converted the entire family from Judaism to Christianity (who later committed suicide by drinking Hydrochloric Acid, being declared ‘lunatic’ on his death certificate in 1847.)

‘Bloodline’ is a eulogy of sorts, to Professor Charles Sinclair and his father and carry themes of vaudeville London, a gruesome suicide and Jewish culture in the 1800’s.”

-Lucinda Sinclair

burial card