What does Sanctus mean?

Sanctus is a latin word that means ‘saintly’ or ‘holy’

What is the 'Church of Sanctus'

Something to worship, Sanctus pieces are sacred.

Where can I buy Sanctus?

Due to the limited nature of the garments, Sanctus is not suitable for wholesale however you can view our stockists here.

Can I borrow samples for a shoot?

Stylists and photographers, email contact@churchofsanctus.com for loan inquiries.

Will you ship to my country?

Sanctus ships worldwide.

Where is Sanctus based?

Our studio is in North London, you can visit by appointment but you will need to email first: contact@churchofsanctus.com

Why do your garments cost £XXX amount?

Every Sanctus garment is handmade in our London studio, and are limited to numbers from one-of-a-kind pieces to a run of 100.

High street stores make thousands of garments manufactured at a very low cost overseas, often via underpaid workers in huge factories. Our prices reflect how much it costs to ethically produce clothing from start to finish in the UK.

Why are Sanctus pieces limited to small runs?

Sanctus is about authenticity and exclusivity, and the desire to invest in something timeless and precious in a world crowded by the disposable.

Do you take custom orders?

Custom orders are assessed on a project by project basis. Email contact@churchofsanctus.com to inquire.

Do you do free shipping/sales/discounts?

Keep an eye on our instagram and facebook for discount codes and promotions.